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Adrian Esposito

Alzheimer’s Discussion

Amos Goodman

Angie Carpenter-Supv-Airport

Anita Bloomfield

Bill Lindsay

Bob Chartuk

Bob Creighton

Bob Schultz

Bob Shultz Holding Govt Responsible

Brad Hemingway

Chicago Trip

Chris Garvey

Christmas Show 2014

Chuck Schwartz -Green Homes

Clay Daren

Cousin Vinny – Vincent Vicari

David Calone

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David Manning


David Wolcoff

David Wolcoff

Dick Amper


Dr Jim Powell – First Interview

Dr Jim Powell – Second Interview

Ed Romaine Supv Brookhaven

EJ McMahon

Ernie & Chris

Ernie Fazio -Observations

Ernie Fazio Corruption, Democracy & Economies

Ernie- Labor Day and Other Thoughts


Eva Zeizel – verbal essay

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Hill Greenberg Health Alt

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Jim Cole

Joe Dowd LIBN

Joe Dowd LIBN

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Joe Tronolone- Bernie Sanders

John Cameron

John Durso Pres. LI Fed of Labor

John Kennedy

John’s county service began in 1986 under County Executive Peter Cohalan in the Office for Aging. He went on to serve successive County Executives LoGrande, Halpin, and Gaffney, working extensively on Federal Transportation, Health Care and Environmental issues, including protection of the ecosystems and water quality of Long Island Sound. John also served as liaison to the Council on Environmental Quality.

John Waffenschmidt

Karl Grossman

Ken Bayne

Ken Greenberg

Kevin Dahill

Kris LaGrange

Kristin Jarnagin, Pres, LI Convention & Visitors Bur.

Lenard Povermo- Composites

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Lipsky & Falcone

Lisa Tyson-Corruption in Government

Marguerite Moore


Marguerite Moore

Mark Allessi

Mark Krieger- The Mitzvah Maker

Mark Lesko

Mathew Kearns Sierra Club Concerns

Mike Fitzpatrick pensions and Corruption

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MLK jr Commentary-with Steve Depass

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Northfork Bus

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Ron Loveland

Ron Stein- The Coltrane House

Ron Stein- The Coltrane House


Ron Stein- The Coltrane House

Ron Stein-The Coltrane House

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Ruth Cohen Community Activist

Safe Center

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Steve DePass 6-15

Steve DePass part 2

Steve DePass Trump Discussion

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Warren Axelrod- Cyber Security

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